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 Are keys the bane of your life? 

Have you ever spent time searching for a property key because it wasn’t where you expected? Have you ever had to try multiple sets of keys in a property you manage because the couldn't quickly identify the set you need? How many times does someone in your office say "Who has the keys?" 


Take back control 

Built specifically for the UK Lettings Industry, Keyzapp provides stress-free key management, making all those headaches a thing of the past.  Issuing, auditing and chasing keys is fast and simple, using industry-leading online software and “smart fobs”.  Securely track key movements wherever they happen, from a desktop computer, any mobile phones, or even in a self-service kiosk for busy offices. 


Make it easy for your staff and contractors 

Your key management process is only as good as the people who use it, so Keyzapp keeps it simple and requires almost no training for day-to-day use.  Beneath that friendly interface is a powerful engine that can be tailored to your needs. We work with you to apply over 150 individual tweaks and customisations that guide your staff and contractors through the process in the way you want them to work. 


Catch and correct mistakes 

Everyone makes mistakes occassionally, that's why Keyzapp has a whole load of features to help you identify if someone forgot to sign a key out, and provides reminders to staff and contractors who haven't brought them back on time. 


Show landlords you're the best agent town 

The way you manage their keys is a visible sign of the care you take of a landlord's property. By showing them you take it seriously you'll stand our from the majority of other agents.  Furthermore, Keyzapp smart fobs can be fully customised to your brand and the smart technology even allows you to more easily recover keys when they are found in the street. 


Come and visit us to find out more! 

Come and see us at our stand to learn more about: 

  • How to stop staff losing keys 
  • Managing the difference between management and tenant keys 
  • Reserving keys for future use 
  • Reporting and auditing your keys 
  • Securely numbering and coding your keys 


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