ARLA Propertymark Exhibition

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Stand: F1
Precise, accurate and exact 3D mapping of almost anywhere on Earth: captivate interest and show your commitment to the local area. A giant 3D map will allow you to stand out above your competitors on a crowded high street. Show your local area, your specific development, or an eye-catching cityscape in perfect 3D. It’s a crowded high street - while your competitors are still using aerial photos and road maps, why not choose one of our giant 3d maps or cityscapes to help you stand out (litera

Stand: B15
EZ Property Reports are offering you everything you need to add another stream of income to your business. A simple reporting application with many time saving features and full training by one of our highly experienced team will allow you to create your own Inventory, Check In, Check Out and Mid-Term inspections. With this comes a cloud based platform that enables you to manage all your appointments/reports and invoicing as well as making you more compliant and improving customer service.