ARLA Propertymark Exhibition

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Stand: B1
Ever spent time searching for a property key because it wasn’t where you expected? Keyzapp provides stress-free key management, making issuing, auditing and chasing keys fast and simple. Industry-leading online software and “smart fobs” fit your process and budget with almost no learning curve, saving time and money every day. Come see how to effortlessly track keys from your desk, cabinet, or even your phone. Choose a customised fob design to make your brand shine!

Stand: C9
"Platinum Industry Supplier for ARLA Propertymark". Transform your habitation and compliance management into additional income streams with the launch of the Property Health Check, KPR’s PropTech answer to a Property MOT. Demonstrate your property compliance and best practice to landlords whilst generating income. 24/7 real-time and automated reporting. Thrive in an uncertain legislative landscape by efficiently staying ahead. See why 2000+ users are producing over a million reports!