ARLA Propertymark Exhibition


Stand: E1
42-46 Princelet Street
E1 5LP
United Kingdom

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Contact Person: Frederic Benisty
Phone: 07340 140 518

Giraffe 360 provides Real Estate companies with a high tech camera that enables them to digitise properties at the touch of just two buttons. The camera eases the use of technology and provides, within one device, 3 forms of imagery that are portrayed through Virtual Tours, Photographs and Floor Plans. It is a subscription based service and so clients get the whole package, including ongoing service and assistance, throughout their subscription plan. The camera is simple to use and can be carried anywhere and set up, ready to capture properties. There is no need to arrange appointments for photographies, or request several individuals to arrive at the property and take measurements, as the camera does that all and in one device, making marketing operations effective and productive. The data the Giraffe 360 Camera collects is then processed by our Team to ensure that a high standard end project is created for all our clients. Giraffe 360's scan has extremely high resolution of up to 270MP and wide angle photography of up to 96MP. The camera also has a built in LiDAR 360 degree laser sensor which creates floor plans with 98% accuracy. The use of the camera is very simple and creates a much more efficient and appealing form of presenting properties.

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