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Powering Property Professionals

 Residential property maintenance is highly complex. Not only do you have to gather detailed information about each repair and get approval from landlords and occupiers every step of the way, but you also have to ensure that you stay compliant with layers of regulations and ever-changing legislation. Fixflo is designed to help with all of these, and more.  

Attract more landlords

Increase capacity

Standalone or integrated

Keep your landlords in the loop effortlessly with Fixflo’s communication feature and demonstrate great property management service with hard data Automate repetitive tasks with Fixflo and free up property managers to build long-lasting relationships with landlords and occupiers Fixflo is seamlessly integrated with 40+ property management systems, eliminating any work duplication across systems


Fewer Issues, Faster Fixes

Fixflo’s picture-based, online reporting tool asks occupiers for specific details in 40+ languages. The property manager and any required contractor would have all the information they need to assess the maintenance work from the get-go. For occupiers with difficulty accessing the Internet, Fixflo allows them to simply call a phone number and log their repair requests using interactive voice recognition (IVR) technology. 

Not all occupiers are aware of their responsibilities with regards to issues such as mildew and blown lightbulbs. Fixflo's in-system guidance helps them safely resolve issues themselves without ever involving the property manager. 18% of repairs reported using Fixflo are self-resolved by occupiers.

According to Fixflo’s system data collected on over 1 million properties30% of repairs were reported out of hours. With Fixflo, occupiers no longer need to call their property managers during office hours.

This Fixflo Contractor App is designed for in-house and third-party contractors. Using the Fixflo Contractor App, contractors can securely access job details, update job progress and upload invoices. Property managers no longer have to request compliance certificates as the app will remind the contractor before and after any insurance or certificate is due.


Compliant with Lettings Regulation

These new lettings regulations and laws can directly impact your lettings operations and could even affect the profitability of your property business.

When it comes to electrical and gas safety, Fixflo can help you comply with ever-changing requirements and schedule electrical installation inspections and gas safety tests at your designated intervals, for every property. Fixflo gives you clear visibility of expiring reports so that you can obtain new ones in good time, giving you peace of mind that nothing would slip through the cracks.

With hundreds of other planned maintenance templates available out-of-the-box, you can easily ‘set and forget’ any routine assessments and works, making sure no future task can slip through the cracks.


Eliminate Duplicate Work and Conflicting Data

Fixflo can be used as a standalone tool or as part of a tech stack through open API integrations. When Fixflo is used as an integrated solution with property management systems or accounting software, data is synchronised across systems, eliminating duplicate work and conflicting data.

For example, a contractor invoice uploaded via the Contractor App could automatically be appended to the issue log on the property management system, with costs and payable taxes added to the accounting system automatically.  


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